F that is fucking c r a z y


"Of course I love you Richard, I just have to love you a little bit less now."

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"I was waiting… for you. Everything I’ve done… …for you, India." 

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I have 9 more followers until 300 I’m gonna cry

Anyway, since it’s spring break, I will try to log onto this blog and my Lara blog and do some drafts and plot and all that jazz. I’ve been on my virus blog a lot lately ( femaleconsumer ) and on that blog I have like 20+ drafts so I’m gonna clear those first and then hop on my Lara blog ( youfindsomething ) and then I’ll hop onto this blog.

I’ll be doing this maybe tomorrow since today I have a game and I’m gonna just fall asleep as soon as I get home. Sorry for the random inactivity, but it will get fixed I promise.

You made me believe
that I was invincible,
and then you wrecked me.

How is it that when I’m not on this blog I get tons of followers but when I’m here I get none

                                                      { p l e a s e }
                                                         love the
                                                        parts of me
                                                           that i

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Anonymous whispered:
I hope you get better, sweetie. I just went through your blog and saw how you were doing. *Hugs*


hahahahahaha nonnie you so nice come here give me loving

thank you so much I really really appreciate this, I’ve been having a really bad day and this cheered me up so much. 



"Alex, Alex, amigo, come on. Don’t be rude. I’m trying to be nice here, and we both know that’s fucking rare."

          “Mm. You think I’m just going to let all those insults from the past slide off my back? Sure, I’ve insulted you from time to time, but not to the amount that you have.” “maybe I’m a complete asshole, but I’m just absolutely confused by your sudden sincerity to me…”

"Insulting people is what I do, who cares? And why are you looking a gift horse in the mouth amigo? I just wanted to be nice one time."



"Is this a fucking joke? Who the fuck are you?"


"The queen of this fuckin’ kingdom."




      Cue the ‘this bitch is about to die’ face. “I’d say yes, but I don’t take fashion tips from bitches who can’t even dress themselves.”

      “Excuse me?" Maddie said, an eyebrow arched in something between sarcasm and disbelief. "I’d be insulted, if I could take anyone in combat boots seriously."

"I think you should take me seriously, because these combat boots are for breaking fuckin’ bones." She replies simply, smirking.


"I’m thankful. Can’t you tell how thankful I am?" 

He did not so much sit on the couch as he did slump, making a content noise as he relaxed. “Mm, don’t suppose I can have a glass of water or something?”

She grabs a bottle of water from her fridge, tossing it at him. “Just don’t puke on my stuff.” She says with a wave of her hand, returning back to her room to go to sleep. “And don’t make any noise.”