F that is fucking c r a z y


Well, that was different. Giving an unamused glare, the nephilim scoffed in the woman’s direction.


"Nah, I was just taking a leisurely walk on this random ass island and happened to run into you cartel looking punks.

You’d think I’m joking but the sad thing is, I’m not.”


                              “You’re on my island.”

   She says simply, placing a cigarette between her lips and lighting it, inhaling deeply.

           ”You gonna tell me your name or not?” She asks with slight irritation, cocking a dark brow, it happened to be the brow that had a scar interrupting the hair growth at the end, traveling down the side of her eye.

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[  arm yourself ,  ]
                                                                           here will
                                                                           s a v e  you.

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                                             { Another one? fuckin’ seriously? }

            A groan of frustration, followed by a deep breath to calm herself slightly, though it was a fruitless attempt.

                                        “What the fuck do you want?!”   She yells at one of her men, scaring him off before she turns to the other stranger standing in front of her.

                      “You here for drugs or some shit?”


「Well, it wasn’t every day that Ajay got down time.

Of course, being here of all places counting as
'down time' should say something about Ajay's
state of mind, but… He spotted someone relaxing
on the sand. He contemplated approaching until


                    ❝Ah, sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt.❞

       She really wasn’t in the mood to try and take in any hostages at the moment. Though when he speaks, she sighs, facing him.  

       { Looks like I’m gonna have to be nice. }


                     ”Doesn’t matter, just come fuckin’ sit and smoke with me.” It was pretty much an order, but a friendly one, well, friendly in Vaasa’s own way.

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                      It’s the middle of the night and guess who’s sitting on the sand smoking weed?

     None other than Vaasa. Her ears pick up movement, turning her head slowly before rolling her eyes.

                 { Can’t I get high with no interruptions one fucking time? }


Group Zombie Apocalypse AU;; we’re so fucked

[ Bzzt———- — ]

'Reports are coming in of an increasing amount of violent attacks. So far, most have been isolated incidents, but trends are appearing in the apprehended assaulters. The most recent occurrence was, an eyewitness states, carried out by a gang. Luckily, the victim has survived and was hospitalised late yesterday afternoon—-'

                                      [ Bzzt———- — ]

        ’ —————-it all began at that hospital where that last guy was brought into; the one that survived the attack! I’m telling you, man——— he just turned into a fucking zombie or something! Don’t believe me? It’s your funeral, brother. ‘

[ Bzzt———- — ]

      ’ ———please evacuate to the Fountainbleau Evacuation center immediately. We are willing to save as much people as we can.’

                                        [ Bzzt———- — ]

' ——————-this is hell I tell you; hell! '

[ Bzzt———- — ]

               ’ You tell me——- how did this fucking happen to us?! ‘

                                [ Bzzt———- — ]

     ’ They’re no ordinary zombies; they’re demons from hell and we’re here to do the angels’ work! They’re smarter and faster than we think! ‘

[ Bzzt———- — ]

  ’ There have been no sightings of any of our superheroes. None of them have been seen aiding any of the humans through out this chaos. Where are our heroes now? Why aren’t they doing what they always do when things go wrong for humankind? ‘

                                  [ Bzzt———- — ]

            ’ Oh Lord, help us a————————————————————————— — ’

                          [ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz —————- — ]

   ” So———
             how fucked are we?

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i think an ask was eaten


A whimper, but she shut her mouth. Struggling not to yell out at the pain of being kicked.  She covered her face for the remainder of the ride and then felt her body being dragged.  A nightmare, this had to be a nightmare.  But then again, her whole life had been nothing but things like this.  Her uncle slashing her wrists and telling everyone that she had tried to commit suicide.  Her family dying, her boyfriend shoving her down the stairs when he found her her pregnancy had lost her her job.  

Why should it be any different here.  So she kept silent. 

The captive is thrown into a cell roughly, men slamming the cell door shut and locking it with multiple locks, other men banging on the bars to scare her, to get her worked up. Vaasa walks towards a door, opening it and walking in alone to handle some business.

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vaasaisinsane whispered:
Seeing her lover hurt in this way drove her to fury, though she held it back as she pulled him inside, grabbing the needed supplies to help him, stripping off his robes and laying them neatly on the other side of the room, getting to work on his wounds. "Mi amor, it's going to be okay, don't cry please." She says to him, pleading. "Tell me who did this to you."



Connor hissed a bit from the pain as Vaasa helped with his wounds.  It was astounding how fast the ambush had happened, but as he heard his attackers speak, their endgame was all too easy to figure out.  And Connor had to derail it by any means necessary.  ”V-Vaasa…do n-do not seek revenge.  They o-only did this to…to..goad you out into the open…don’t fall-don’t fall into their trap.”

Connor could certainly understand Vaasa’s desire for revenge.  In fact, he was flattered by it.  The fact that his love would kill for him.  But he knew all too well what rushing in blind would do.  And he did not want to lose her to the scum that wanted nothing more but to murder her, simply by luring her out in the open, raging.

"I-I know you want them dead…I too…want them dead…but…but not like this, tako’skó:wa….please…I will heal and then we can eliminate your pursuers together…the right way…cha-charging in…blindly…is not the way…”  He reached up, hissing in pain again as he stroked her face lovingly.  ”Please….be patient..”  

She nods, kissing him gently again, running her fingers through his hair. “Okay mi armor, we will do this together.” She whispers, looking at him. “Do you need any medication for pain?” She asks, focusing only on him now.


She tried to curl up into a ball, her shoulders pulling slightly as she did so.  The dark haired girl already one of those too small to be healthy types.  ”So…what happens now?” she asked though her voice was low.  ”I don’t think…I got your name?” She didn’t look at the woman, she seemed to be afraid of eye contact.  Those innocent blue eyes instead trained on the floor of the pickup truck.  

The woman is now pretty angry, kicking the woman. “Alright amiga, here’s a rule; shut the fuck up.” She hisses at her, hopping out when the truck stops, her men grabbing the girl and dragging her through the compound, men all over whooping.

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