F that is fucking c r a z y

sorry i haven’t been on, school started and last night my school had a beach bash and shit got crazy it was so fun i got lifted into the air and me and my friend were dancing on each other in the middle of a circle of hot seniors and yeah.

Tomorrow I’m doing my hair and going to a candle lighting at my school because this morning, two star footballers who graduated from my school last year passed away and one is in critical condition in the hospital. 

The lies we tell ourselves

It’s not just business

So I’m just gonna dump a couple pictures of myself here since I’m up for school and everything

My ugly face under the cut

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Hades and Persephone AU



AU in which character A is the dark God/dess of the Underworld who falls in love with innocent Spring God/dess character B. You can either have A kidnap B, or have B as the willing runaway.


you grew flowers in my veins
where i had only tasted iron
and i became a

you found angels in my shoulderblades
where i had only felt

but you are forests and i am a bleak desert sun
and i’m terrified because i’ve only ever learned
how to

“I’m scared I’m falling in love with you so quickly.” /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)

i am so sorry i haven’t responded to replies like i said i would. school is tomorrow (I’m a junior in high school wow stop moving so fast fuCK) and that means i have a shit ton of stuff i’m gonna be assigned considering my classes (honors classes, AP classes, a guitar class and whatnot) so my activity will be very shifty and weird. But! you can ask for my kik, snapchat, skype, and whatever else if you are a mutual. If you are a new follower and want to plot something with me I will give you my skype. I’m sorry guys but I really need to get straight A’s this year so i need to focus.


Heisdeadtotheworld's 50+ follower giveaway!

Hello friends! As some of you know I returned to tumblr with Corey after some time away, and I’m absolutely overjoyed at how many of you, faces new and old, have welcomed me back. I would like to take the time to thank the following people, my good friends and regular partners, for putting up with me!

Precious Mateys and Fandom Babies (in no particular order other than the top nerd faces)

mistermontenegro thefenwolf (Boyfriend and bffl bby))

thesnakeandthewolf definingtheinsanity prideofthemountain lxdypirate vaasxmontenegro thexbrigade hisloyalbloggerjw cannibalistically-yours vaasaisinsane die-walkurenritt theragingimmortal

And many others that I either carelessly forgot, don’t know all that well or don’t interact with much, but very much look forward to doing so!

Now that’s done, on with the giveaway!

Rules are as follows-

-You must be following me, as this is a giveaway for followers. People that enter and then unfollow are stinkers.

-You must reblog by the 13/08/2014, UK time, that’s when I’ll choose my winners via a random number generator!

-I shall be counting winners by reblogs only!


Three winners will be chosen, and you guys can pick one prize from the following-

-A drabble of your choice

-A photo edit/manip of your faceclaim of your choice

-20 icons of your faceclaim

Good luck! And thank you all again!

I’m doin replies now I promise

+3 are looking for trouble


Vaas was sat in his office, cigar between his teeth, beer in one hand, and a heavy pistol in the other. His feet rest on how desk, amid bound wads of banknotes and sample packets of drugs, amongst other things. Greasy coils of smoke curled upwards as he dozed in the humid warmth that permeated everywhere on Rook Island.

Then, without warning, the door slowly opened into his office. Footsteps marked the fact that this was not merely a convenient breeze. Reflexes kicked in, and the pistol swung up to point at the intruder. Vaas only then bothered to open his eyes.

"Can I fuckin’ help you, pendejo?"

Her pistol is pointed at him as well, thumb on the hammer ready to pull and shoot.

 ”I don’t know, can you?” She spits back, snarling slightly as she slowly takes another step forward.

"Why are you in my fucking office?"




   "Are you going to behave and watch your mouth, now?"

( he scanned her face for any sign of pain, the grunt wasn’t enough—he needed visual signs, twitching of muscles, chest heaving as she tried to control the air that filled her lungs, blood pumping through veins at a faster pace. once she allowed him to know she had understood his words, Pagan released the woman’s hair and stepped backwards, digits tugging at the edge of his gloves, waiting for her to make some form of sound. )

   “Good—let us keep moving.”

She moves away from him the instant he releases her, waiting until he begins to walk and trailing behind him slowly, trembling hand clutching her arm, her breathing struggling to even out. The skin begins to swell, tan skin now obtaining hues of purple and blue as she looks at the ground like a lost puppy, biting her lip roughly.